NATURELLE WITH LOVE Organic Rose Water Toothpaste

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Organic Rose Water Obtains from the flowers of Rosa Damascena, which are grown in the Rose Valley of Bulgaria. Due to its powerful anti-inflammatory and antibacterial action, it is exceptionally suitable for maintaining good oral hygiene and active anti-caries prevention. 
The Toothpaste Naturelle With Love is suitable for use during homeopathic treatment. It cleans and refreshes the teeth and mouth. It is gentle on the gums and prevents the accumulation of plaque. It contains Organic Rose Water - with a powerful anti0inflammatory and antibacterial effect and xylitol- with a natural anti-caries effect that reduces bad breath and dry mouth. The delicate aroma of Rosa Damascena pleasantly tones and refreshes the breath. The paste is suitable for daily use by the whole family.
Use: Apply on the toothbrush and brush the teeth for 2-3min. Store in a dry place at temperature from +5 to +25 C.

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