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MAM Gold Ear Cuff with Pearl

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    • Ear Cuff (1 piece)
    • Finishing: 18k Gold Plating
    • Stone: Pearl
    • Weight: 7g
    • Dimension: 55mm
    • Hypoallergenic

About the Designer

MAM was founded by Jordi Enrique Albert, CEO, and Anthya Tirado, Creative Director and CMO, in the year 2014.

We started MAM with the aim to bring to our creative community a brand that would reflect our vision of the world, both on a design and a manufacturing level, by being as ethical with the environment as possible.

We began this adventure by designing wooden watches. After just one year, we managed to challenge the properties of wood and create the thinnest watch on the market, becoming a watch brand with an innovative style and unique aesthetics.

We decided to keep exploring new territory based on MAM's DNA — that’s how we came up with our first jewelry and leather goods collection. It’s a new line designed so that each individual can create their own custom look, adding a distinctive and groundbreaking touch to their style.

Our current motivation is to continue revolutionizing the way we wear and use accessories. We want to create functional and genderless garments that provide the freedom to personalize and explore the individuality of each person in a creative way.

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MAM Gold Ear Cuff with Pearl
MAM Gold Ear Cuff with Pearl