Kalmar PEACE Balm of Serenity

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PEACE Body Balm

Massage the Balm of Serenity Solid Fragrance gently onto pulse points and allow your mind to focus quietly, without judgement.  

“Pause everything for a minute. Allow the deeply relaxing Vetiver to quiet your mind. Let the aroma of Frankincense encourage deep breathing and focus your spiritual awareness. Ground yourself with relaxing Benzoin and the restorative scent of Moss. Find where your choice button is and choose your life instead of depending on the outside world. Choose for yourself who you want to be, what energy you want to experience!”  - Karen Ruimy

How to use:

Massage the Balm of Serenity Solid Fragrance gently onto dry skin. Rub a clean finger across the surface of the balm to gently soften before dabbing onto pulse points on the wrists, neck and behind the ears.  As the woody, floral fragrance envelopes you, allow your mind to focus quietly, without judgement.

Fragrance Ingredients: 

Rich green top notes of Bergamot perfectly complement a deeply restful woody and floral heart enhanced by the earthy and woody notes of Vetiver, Musk, Amber, Benzoin and rich green Moss.

Made in UK

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